Cherry Hill Research  
  Industry Sectors

Our research network is organized into the vertical and horizontal practice areas below. We continuously seek to expand our network, and we encourage qualified professionals to apply.

General Marketing
Advertising and marketing executives, media buyers, media planners, and marketing consultants across multiple media and industries.

Interactive Marketing
Buyers, planners, strategists, and other interactive marketing executives, as well as customers, employees, and former employees of major online media firms.

Executives in all areas of ecommerce, including site design, marketing, eBay and Amazon partnerships, fulfillment, technology, and customer service, as well as employees and former employees of major ecommerce firms.

Online Publishing
Executives in all areas of online publishing, including news, portals, technology, blogs, streaming audio and video, games, and ad sales networks.

Online Communications
Executives, technologists, and regulatory experts involved in Internet-based communications, including VOIP, messaging, email, and video conferencing.

Digital Music, Film, and IPTV
Executives from record labels, film studios, digital media distribution firms, production firms, online radio, and digital rights management, and digital media technology firms.

Customer Network
Executives who evaluate, buy, or use products and services from major industry vendors (Sample list of companies and products here). Please note that the Customer Network is focused on corporate purchases and does not yet include consumer services.


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