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Our publications include in-depth interviews, analyses, and information about significant industry questions and trends. Our publications are subscription-based. If you are interested in subscribing or being added to the beta list, please send an email including your name, firm, and title to We will not share your information with third-parties.

Trend Monitor Library. Research and analysis of trends that have the potential to significantly change the industry's status quo. Current trends include:

  • Click fraud. How big a concern is it? Could it really bring the industry down--or is it just a cost of doing business? What are the key events and indicators?
  • Microsoft Search / AdCenter. Will Microsoft ever get its act together in search, or is it already DOA?

Thought Leaders. A series of in-depth interviews with industry executives, analysts, consultants, customers, and other experts. The interviews focus on the economic impact of major industry events and trends. Some recent examples are listed below.
  • Ben Edelman: Harvard researcher and spyware and click fraud expert. Topics include spyware, click fraud, the size of both problems, Yahoo, Google, and porn ads. Date: April 7, 2006. This interview is available to non-subscribers here.
  • Andrew Goodman: The founder and principal of Page Zero Media, a Toronto-based search engine marketing firm. Topics include current search spending trends, the changing emphasis on organic vs. paid search, keyword pricing, local search, click fraud, bad-click refund policies, Google, Yahoo, and the (poor) outlook for Microsoft AdCenter. Date: April 12, 2006.


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