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We maintain a global network of experts in products and disciplines related to the Internet and eCommerce industries. Our network members contribute to our research by occasionally participating in surveys and interviews, and, in some cases, conducting telephone consultations with clients. We compensate members for their participation with hourly fees and/or access to our research.

We continually seek to improve the depth and breadth of our network, and we encourage professionals of all levels to apply. Joining our network is free and creates no obligation. Members set their own compensation requirements and maintain control over their time.

Research Process
When we undertake a research project, we invite members with appropriate expertise to participate. Most projects involve telephone interviews or online surveys and require less than an hour to complete. Members schedule participation at their convenience, and, depending on the project, may participate on either a named or anonymous basis. Once the project is complete, we gather feedback and compensate members for their time.

Network Benefits
Members of our research network enjoy several benefits, including per-project compensation or access to certain research publications and services. Members who opt to receive consulting fees receive hourly rates commensurate with their experience and expertise. Members may also choose to receive access to survey results or certain research publications, as well as redistribution rights to published interviews.

How to Join
Membership in our research network is free, and we invite qualified professionals of all levels to apply. Our network includes executives, former executives, consultants, analysts, regulatory experts, buyers, and other experts in various industry disciplines and practices. Membership is selective and based on an applicant's experience and expertise.

To apply for membership, please click here. For more information on how to join, please click here. To see a list of our industry sector practices, please click here. To see our Research Network privacy policy, please click here.


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