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  How to Join

Joining our research network is free and creates no obligation. We invite qualified professionals of all levels of experience to apply.

The application process is simple, and you may apply online. We ask you to provide contact information, recent employment history, areas of professional expertise, and desired means of compensation (typically hourly consulting fees or access to research). If we accept your application, we keep your information on file, and when we conduct research projects that would benefit from your expertise, we invite you to participate.

Some of our research projects consist of telephone consultations with clients. To participate in these projects, you must abide by policies governing the type of information you may share. For example, network members may not disclose confidential or material non-public information about public companies. These policies exist to ensure our clients and network members that research projects are conducted in compliance with all laws and regulations and with the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism.

We are currently expanding our research network in several areas. To apply for membership, please click here. You may also apply by writing to us at Please include your resume (PDF preferred), a brief description of your areas of expertise, your desired compensation, and your contact information.

We keep all of the information submitted in the application confidential. Thank you in advance for your time.


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