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  Customer Network

The Customer Network includes executives who buy, evaluate, or use corporate products and services from major industry companies, including those listed below. The Network also seeks executives who have stopped using such products and services, switched vendors, or evaluated and then decided not to use such products. Apply to join the Customer Network.

Google: AdWords, AdSense, click-to-call, search appliance
Yahoo!: Display advertising, search, listings, Stores, content distribution
MSN: Search, AdCenter, display advertising, other
AOL: Search, display advertising, other
Ask Jeeves: Search
MySpace: Advertising, music distribution, other
eBay: Power Sellers, Store owners
Amazon: Stores, commerce partnerships
Overstock: Inventory suppliers, close-out customers, auction sellers
Acquantive: All corporate products and services
24/7 Media: Ad sales network
Doubleclick: Ad sales network, ad serving
Lending Tree: Loan leads
Expedia: Travel inventory distribution
Priceline: Travel inventory distribution
Travelocity: Travel inventory distribution
Travelzoo: Travel advertising
CNET: Advertising
PlanetOut: Advertising
iVillage: Advertising
FindWhat: Search
Mamma: Search
Infospace: Search, mobile solutions
Homestore: REALTOR solutions
Akamai: Content distribution services
TellMe: IVR Solutions
Skype: Business telephony


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