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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should apply for membership in your research network?

A: Any professional with expertise in one of our industry practices who is willing to occasionally share knowledge and expertise with Cherry Hill Research and our clients. Research projects generally take the form of confidential surveys and interviews.

Q: Do you compensate research network members for their time?

A: Yes. We compensate members for participating in research projects in a variety of ways. Some members choose to receive hourly consulting fees. Others choose to receive research, survey results, or redistribution rights to published interviews. Average consulting fees depend on the member's expertise and range from $50 to $250 per hour or more.

Q: Can I participate while working full time?

A: Most of our members are full-time professionals, and we recognize and respect the demands on their time. You may schedule participation in projects at your convenience, and most require less than an hour to complete (often much less). You may also decline to participate in any project for any reason, including scheduling.

Q: May I join your network if I already provide such services with other firms?

A: Yes. We do not believe in bondage. Joining our network creates no obligation, and we are grateful for the time you share with us.

Q: May I participate in projects anonymously or on background?

A: In many cases, yes. Cherry Hill Research will always know your identity, but in many research projects, we do not identify sources by name.

Q: Will I receive more project invitations after I have an established track record?

A: As you participate in projects, you will establish a professional reputation with our firm and clients. This reputation will likely include feedback about your professionalism, knowledge, accuracy, and expertise. We consider your reputation when extending project invitations.


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